Mobile app of the week: HERE Maps

Nokia has got into the iOS maps game with the launch of its HERE Maps app this week. Nokia hopes to capitalize on the removal of Google Maps from iOS 6 and the lukewarm reception to its replacement, Apple Maps.

HERE Maps for iOS includes some of the innovative features of the HERE web app, which was released earlier this month. Features such as the ability to 'collect' places of interestand store them in folders in the cloud, public transport information and location sharing. It also features a handy function to download portions of a map for viewing offline. This is great if you're in an area without coverage, or if you just want to spare your data plan.

It's an interesting alternative to Apple Maps, though I'm not convinced that HERE Maps is an adequate replacement at this stage, and much development still needs to be done. Read our full review to find out what we thought.

Highlights of HERE Maps

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